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I have always dabbled in coding but never really got far so I felt it was time to try and write a serious application that would be useful not just every now and then but on a daily basis.

The main reason behind building Target IP was theft prevention purposes and this is why it is now installed on all of my personal home computers.

Let me give you an example-

Target IP is installed on you nice expensive computer system (all user accounts)and is instructed to run at startup ----> The system is then stolen :( ----> Thief then trys to access computer ----> Your account is 'secured' with password but the guest account is open-----> Thief gains access to guest account and thinks that they have got away with the crime so proceeds to check his favourite social internet site---->With thief accessing the guest account the IP that is associated with their location is automatically emailed to the computers owner-----> This can then be used by police to aid in retrieving your computer system :)

This is only one possible use for target IP others can include